Install and manage your own wordpress site, like the pros. Easy and free, and in only a few simple steps.


How to Install

These instructions assume that you've already created a useable database for your Wordpess installation, along with having the required credentials. If you need help on creating a database, you can learn how, here.

  • Download the git repository
    • git clone
  • Change to the greathouse-wordpress directory
    • cd greathouse-wordpress

Docker Installation

Docker Management Instructions

Building the App

docker build -t jessegreathouse/greathouse-wordpress .

Pushing the App

docker push jessegreathouse/greathouse-wordpress

Running the APP

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 \
    -e ENV=prod \
    -e DEBUG=false \
    -e FORCE_SSL=__FORCE_SSL__ \
    -e DIR="/app" \
    -e BIN="/app/bin" \
    -e ETC="/app/etc" \
    -e OPT="/app/opt" \
    -e SRC="/app/src" \
    -e TMP="/app/tmp" \
    -e VAR="/app/var" \
    -e WEB="/app/web" \
    -e CACHE_DIR="/app/var/cache" \
    -e LOG_DIR="/app/var/logs" \
    -e REDIS_HOST=redis \
    -e DB_NAME="db_name" \
    -e DB_USER="db_user" \
    -e DB_PASSWORD="db_password" \
    -e DB_HOST="" \
    -e DB_PORT=3306 \
    -v $(pwd)/error.log:/app/error.log \
    -v $(pwd)/supervisord.log:/app/supervisord.log \
    -v $(pwd)/web/wp-authentication-keys.php:/app/web/wp-authentication-keys.php \
    -v $(pwd)/web/wp-config.php:/app/web/wp-config.php \
    -v $(pwd)/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:/app/etc/nginx/nginx.conf \
    -v $(pwd)/etc/php/php.ini:/app/etc/php/php.ini \
    -v $(pwd)/etc/php/php-fpm.conf:/app/etc/php/php-fpm.conf \
    -v $(pwd)/web/wp-content/plugins:/app/web/wp-content/plugins \
    -v $(pwd)/web/wp-content/themes:/app/web/wp-content/themes \
    -v $(pwd)/web/wp-content/uploads:/app/web/wp-content/uploads \
    --restart no \
    --name my-site \

Running Tests

docker exec -ti greathouse-wordpresss